I have concerns that the academics may be too difficult for my child. What advice can you offer?

We believe that God endows each of us with differing levels of aptitude with respect to different subject areas in the same way that He gives each of us different talents and gifts. Thus, in any given class, some students earn A’s while others may earn B’s, C’s or even D’s. Since the goal of education must always be knowledge and wisdom, grades are merely an indicator of student progress and do not represent a student’s intrinsic worth.

While we recognize that this approach runs counter to the cultural norm, we recommend that you join us in adopting it. Our curriculum is rigorous because we strongly believe the Lord expects us to strive for excellence in education…and that you as parents expect it as well. This does not mean that we cater to the gifted student. Rather, we aim to reach all levels of learners, whether their performance is above average, average, or below average.

What does an ACA student’s day look like?

Each day begins with a brief schoolwide assembly. Wednesday’s assembly includes a short Chapel lesson, most often presented by a local pastor or priest. Instructional hours include subjects such as language arts, classical language (Latin or Greek), classical history, Christian studies, mathematics, science, art, music, and P.E. ACA’s reading lists are robust and rooted in classic literature. Our expectation is that parents will be committed to engaging with their children regarding homework and other educational activities outside of school. Extra-curricular activities may be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace than would otherwise be possible as a result of our condensed schedule.

May an applicant reapply?

Yes, an applicant may reapply the following academic year.