Why Classical? Why Christian?

Because your child’s education is important

“The tutor must watch his pupil and listen to him, not continually bawl words into his ears as if pouring water into a funnel. Good teaching will come from a mind well-made rather than well-filled.”

~Montaigne, 1588, “Of the Education of Children,” The Essays (Les Essais)

Why Classical?

A Classical education is designed to equip children with the tools of learning, developing over time, wisdom and truth.  In keeping with the centuries-old classical methodology, we seek to instill in each student a love for learning, marked by studying with discipline, thinking logically, writing with clarity and persuasion, and speaking with eloquence.

We strive to ignite and develop in our students a “moral imagination” to bring to the world they will shape as adults.  For this reason, we introduce them to heroic models, courageous men and women of the Bible, saints and soldiers, statesmen and leaders who moved history forward, and epic characters who faced the same kind of dilemmas our children face today. As a result, the classic literary works, having stood the test of time, are given priority.  Through an integrated course of classical study steeped in the Western tradition, students will mature in a school environment which reflects a great civilization, with both its triumphs and failures.

The very design of a classical education provides students with the tools of learning, accompanied by the wisdom to apply those principles in our modern world.  Ultimately, teaching to the test is not our goal, knowledge is; content is not our objective, wisdom is.

Why Christian?

Because learning in the Classical tradition aspires to a passion for truth and wisdom, such an education is synonymous with Christian pedagogy.  As Christ is the Truth, all education rightly leads to knowledge of Him. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10). Thus, mastering the tools offered in the classical model will further enable students to proclaim and defend the Gospel with clarity, assurance, and eloquence.

As Christians of various denominational backgrounds, we seek not to water down differences, but to vigorously cherish and defend the essential tenets of Christianity, with an informed knowledge of Bible history and Church history.  The goal of ACA is to educate children in an environment acknowledging the Lordship of Christ, teaching that which is true and good and beautiful.