Students attending Auburn Classical Academy follow a dress code. Coming dressed in clothes associated with diligent work elevates a student’s mindset toward doing their best and frees the environment from distraction.

ACA maintains a dress code in order to underscore ACA’s seriousness of purpose by encouraging students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work and to promote a sense of unity with the school and with the students as a group. All students are required to abide by the dress code whenever they are at school or at school-related functions. The 2018-2019 Dress Code is posted on the ACA website. On Wednesday students are to wear “chapel” attire, and on Thursday students may wear an ACA T-shirt with dress code appropriate attire.

Teachers and administrators will inspect students when they arrive. Parents of those students who are not in compliance with the dress code will be telephoned to provide the appropriate items within a reasonable period of time.
Personal Appearance:

  • Clothes shall be clean and well-fitted; there shall be NO visible undergarments.
  • Jewelry shall be minimal, simple, and worn by girls only.
    • Girls’ earrings shall be stud earrings or petite hoops in solid color; one per earlobe.
    • Girls’ may wear a single necklace, petite in size with a modest charm.
  • Neither smart watches, nor bracelets, nor rings are allowed for girls or boys.
  • Hair shall be neat and well-groomed. Hair shall not be dyed any unnatural colors.
    • Boys’ hair shall be cut above the collar and above the brow-line.
    • Girls’ bangs shall be cut above the brow-line.
    • Hair accessories are only for girls.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings allowed on either boys or girls (except single earlobe piercing only for girls).

The following is a list of appropriate attire for:

To view and order approved uniforms please visit

Dennis Uniform

Approved uniform choices may be found at; ACA’s school code is: BABNCL