Highlands Latin School Partner

Auburn Classical Academy has had the honor to be chosen as a partner school with the Highlands Latin School-Louisville. HLS is one of the nation’s top schools, with ITBS Standardized Test (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) scores in the top one percent of the nation. HLS uses its own Memoria Press curriculum. HLS has developed an integrated curriculum that inspires students to appreciate and understand the intellectual tradition of Christendom and the ancient world, and to see the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as components of a lively Christian faith. Students are carefully taught to think logically and express themselves well. The school has achieved its academic success while providing a four-day week and reasonable levels of homework to allow families extra time together in this hectic world. Their genuine dedication to this mission of forming well-educated students of sound character is apparent at every level of their work. The leadership of Highlands Latin School and their publishing house, Memoria Press, has helped ACA in curriculum development, administrative policies, marketing and more.