Auburn Classical Academy has had the honor the be chosen as a partner school with the Highlands Latin School-Louisville. HLS is one of the nation’s top schools, with ITBS Standardized Test (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) scores in the top one percent of the nation. HLS uses its own Memoria Press curriculum. HLS has developed an integrated curriculum that inspires students to appreciate and understand the intellectual tradition of Christendom and the ancient world, and to see the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as components of a lively Christian faith. Students are carefully taught to think logically and express themselves well. The school has achieved its academic success while providing a four-day week and reasonable levels of homework to allow families extra time together in this hectic world. Their genuine dedication to this mission of forming well-educated students of sound character is apparent at every level of their work. The leadership of Highlands Latin School and their publishing house, Memoria Press, has helped ACA in curriculum development, administrative policies, marketing and more.

Lower School

Primary School (K-2)

Emphasizes reading, writing, arithmetic, and character training

  • Half or full day option for Kindergarten
  • Systematic, intensive phonics program designed to produce early, fluent readers and good spellers
  • Rich language experience through teacher read-aloud and classic books, the best in children’s literature for each grade
  • Bible stories and copybooks, Scripture and poetry memorization and recitation
  • Mastery-based math program
  • Manuscript in Kindergarten; New American Cursive in 1st and 2nd grade
  • Latin phrases begin in 2nd grade ;
  • Recess and P.E. daily
  • Art and music instruction
  • Maps, globes, and stories from American history; nature study

Grammar School (Grades 3-5)

Focuses on mastery of Latin grammar, computation, and advanced reading skills

  • Complete curriculum in a four-day program, with Friday as an at-home reading/study day; moderate homework.
  • English: Very best in children’s literature, poetry, spelling, grammar, and composition
  • Latin: Latin, Prima Latina, begins in 3rd  grade with prayers, songs and parts of speech; comprehensive study of Latin Grammar begins in 4th grade
  • Science: Astronomy, insects, birds, trees
  • Mathematics: Mastery-based math program
  • Art: Instruction and appreciation, weekly
  • Classical Studies: Greek mythology, ancient times to the Middle Ages
  • Christian Studies: Bible literacy, Bible stories, Scripture memorization
  • Geography: States, capitals, world geography
  • E.: Daily, games and fitness
  • Music: Voice and ear training, basic music theory, choral singing, weekly


Logic School (Grades 6-8)

Focuses on reading, writing and reasoning

  • Latin: Latin vocabulary, syntax and written translation in grades 6-8.
  • Greek: elementary introduction to Greek alphabet, vocabulary and syntax in grades 7-8.
  • English: Literature and Composition driven coursework. Reading, note taking, discussion and critical short- and long-essay response.
  • Science: Biological science and human anatomy.
  • Classical Studies: Exhaustive study of Greek and Roman history with a culmination of reading the great texts, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid.
  • American Studies: World History with an intense overview of American history with an emphasis on understanding the origin and meaning of the Constitution.
  • Christian Studies: Knowledge of Biblical history, working knowledge of the Bible, and study of Christian classics.
  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra and Algebra



Our faith statement is the Apostles’ Creed, the most ancient and widely accepted expression of the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. Auburn Classical Academy teaches and upholds traditional Christian morality and the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired word of God. We welcome families of other faiths, but we ask that you respect our distinctive Christian identity.

As Christ is the Truth (Veritas in Latin), all education rightly leads to knowledge of Him. So, more than a tacked-on Bible class at the end of a school day, ACA is committed to exalting Christ as the One by Whom, through Him, and for Whom all Creation exists. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, cannot be separated from history, literature, mathematics, science, or any other academic discipline. Rather, every subject is taught as part of an integrated whole. In these subjects we discern the order and structure of the world point to God as our Creator.

This does not mean, however, that we will only study Christian viewpoints, thereby narrowing our students’ education. On the contrary, our tool of learning and our faith in Jesus Christ help us to confidently seek truth wherever it is found. For we know that all truth ultimately comes to us from God; therefore, we wholeheartedly seek a complete liberal arts education.

In partnership with parents, and guided by the Word of God, we seek to educate students to the highest standards of the classical tradition. We hope that they may grow in the knowledge, wisdom and the love of Our Lord, and more ably use their gifts in service of others, and for the glory of Christ and His church.


We believe the family is a cherished institution given us by God. We offer a shortened school week, helping to slow down the hectic pace of modern life and leaving time for quality family life. Our December break is longer than most schools in order to encourage time with extended family and to allow parents time to pass along and cultivate their own family traditions and beliefs. We believe it is the parents’ privilege to train their children at home, to teach them their beliefs, and to assist them academically. Our school is truly a partnership.


We believe the classical model perfectly suits modern children, and the unique challenges and distractions they face. Our goal is to provide a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher who carefully lead students into an understanding of each subject. Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Homework is moderate and is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for a lesson. We do not believe in busy work.


An ACA education aims at far more than practical benefits. We are classical, meaning that we employ the time-tested method of the Trivium, providing students the tools for life-long learning. This philosophy of education is the tradition passed down to us from the ancient scholars Greece and Rome, to the monasteries of the Middle Ages to the European and American schools of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is the philosophy of education that shaped our country’s founding fathers.

The Trivium works through a child’s natural stages of development. It consists of the first three of the seven great Liberal Arts–Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

During the Grammar Stage, children study the fundamentals (or grammar) of subjects in order to build a foundation of knowledge on which all future subjects can be further built. In the Logic Stage, the fundamentals learned during the Grammar Stage years are brought into relationships. We begin to answer not just what, but why. The goal is to equip students with the thinking skills necessary to recognize sound ideas and detect false ones. The formal study of Logic begins. When students mature to the Rhetoric Stage, we train them to effectively use oral and written language to express thoughts eloquently and persuasively. The primary goal of the Trivium is not to train students what to think, but how to think, logically, deeply and wisely.

Classical Education can be distinguished from modern education in that it does not neglect the important first step of giving students the classical tools for both intellectual development and for understanding the classical, Christian heritage.