Welcome to ACA

Eight years ago, as my husband and I began to explore educational options for our boys, it hit us just how much time they would spend in school and how influential that time would be in their lives. We remembered our own school days of mediocre education and a life revolved around our peers. We wanted something more. We wanted our boys’ time in school to be meaningful and purposeful. After all, this time would represent more than 50 percent of their hours for the next 12 years.

It was then that we discovered classical education. We fell in love with its intentional approach, especially when we realized this was the way centuries and centuries of children had been educated prior to the 20th century.

But we also wanted our children to love learning. It was here that the methods of renowned turn-of-the-century educator Charlotte Mason attracted us. She focused on joyful discovery. And that’s what we wanted – for our boys to love learning, to cherish the process of learning something new.

And of course, we wanted all of this within the context of Christ and we wanted mature Christian teachers who shared our passion for learning.

When we moved to Auburn in 2005, God opened the door for us share the vision we had experienced at another school that had richly blessed our family. We hope to continue to share our vision with Auburn so we can watch our children and others grow in the knowledge and righteousness of Christ, through a unique partnership between school and family.

We are glad you are here to learn more about ACA and hope you’ll come visit us soon.

Warmest Regards,
Rich and Angie Copetillo