Welcome Message

Welcome to Auburn Classical Academy. We are Christian, Traditional and Classical.

ACA teaches and upholds traditional Christian morality and the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired word of God and cannot be separated from history, literature, mathematics, science or any other academic discipline.

We believe the family is a cherished institution given to us by God. It is the parents’ privilege to train their children at home and to teach them their beliefs. We seek to partner with parents in this endeavor.

We are classical, meaning that we employ the time-tested method of the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric). Our curriculum is designed to inspire students to appreciate and understand the intellectual tradition of Christendom and the ancient world, and to see the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as components of a lively Christian faith.

Our genuine dedication to forming well-educated, academically successful students of sound character is apparent at every level of work. Students are carefully taught to think logically and express themselves well. We strive to create an environment which is conducive to study and charitable interactions between students, parents and teachers. We provide students the tools for life-long learning.


Guided by the Gospel, we aspire to provide a traditional classical education in partnership with parents.


Our vision is to educate to a higher standard so that the whole person may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and virtue, centered on the love of Christ and His holy Church. We seek to provide young men and women a distinctively Christ-centered and classical education whereby students learn to know, love and practice what is true, worthy and excellent.