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By January 25, 2019ACA Column, Announcements

Hello ACA families,

We have had a good week here at Auburn Classical Academy.  The teachers are well prepared, the students are diligent, and the weather has been manageable (or rather our response to it has been manageable).  Next Thursday, January 31, is the scheduled date for our annual State of the School meeting.  While you may be tempted to think of this meeting as simply another event that interferes with your regular schedule, I ask that you consider if from a different point of view.

We have much to celebrate as a school.  I am privileged to see and hear the culmination of the celebration because I am privy to the daily journey along with a larger vision from our Board of Governors.  The State of the School meeting is designed to bring to your attention some of the successes from the past 12 months but also to give you an overview of our direction forward.  Although you do not see the work on a regular basis, our Board members are working faithfully on several larger projects to improve our school, its visibility in the community, and its direction. 

Please make arrangements for your children to be cared for so that you can attend this annual meeting and you, too, can be aware of the many reasons we have to celebrate here at ACA. I look forward to seeing you here!


Robin Durbin

Interesting Article

Mr. Walden left a copy of an article in the Teacher Conference room.  “Christians Need Not Fear Scientific Inquiry” by R.C. Sproul addresses a common struggle many of us share.  Have a read!

Open Houses

Next week, we will send home invitations to our Open Houses for you to pass along to your friends and family! Please take the time to share our graphic on Instagram and Facebook about the Open Houses. You can scroll down to the bottom of this email and click on the Facebook logo to get the image or you can screenshot the image at this link:

Car Stickers for Pick-up

If your car sticker has fallen off and you need a replacement, please let Mrs. Richburg know and she will give you a replacement sticker at no charge. If you are in need of additional stickers for others who may be picking your child up, they will cost $1.00 each and Mrs. Richburg can get those to you. 


  • Remember to continue bringing in Box Tops to raise money for our school! They can be turned into the office. 
  • Dennis Uniforms is having an online sale that ends on Sunday! If your kids are outgrowing their uniforms, this is a great time to take advantage of their sale!

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