Showcasing Students & their Artwork!

You and your students continue to be our best ambassadors for new family recruitment. Last year many of your students contributed artwork that was displayed over the past months at Zoe’s Kitchen in Auburn. In addition to providing an exceptional marketing opportunity for our school, you and your students raised almost $1,000! Thank you for joining us at the “Reveal” night and for encouraging your student to contribute pragmatically to our school. We look forward to our second annual Zoe’s Kitchen fundraiser this coming spring. Watch your Column for information when we return for the second semester in    January 2019.

Faculty Focus: Mrs. Robin Durbin- Head of School

1.Tell us about yourself. Family? Hometown? Pets?

I was born in Hendersonville, NC, but spent most of my growing up years in Sylvester, GA, a small farming community in southwest Georgia. We had a peanut field across the road from my house! I went to college at The University of Georgia and then moved to Auburn to be an instructor in the Consumer Affairs Department of Auburn University. My dad, a 1957 API graduate, was especially pleased that I moved to Auburn to “complete my education” (as he said). Here, I met my husband, Kim Durbin, who also worked at AU, and we married 11 months later. We had a wonderful family pet, BB, for 16 years, but she died this past summer. We are now grandparents of two grand-dogs and one grand-kitty, who belong to our daughter, Katie, and her husband, Sam, who live in Atlanta. We also have three sons. Gary is married to Ashleigh, and they live in Birmingham. Winston, who also lives in Birmingham, is engaged to Caroline, and Lawson is a junior at Auburn University.

2. How did you come to learn about ACA and decide to work here? 

When they were young, we felt directed by God to homeschool our children using the newly re-discovered “classical method” of education. As I determined that they needed several classes that I could not teach well, ACA was forming as a resource for parents like my husband and me. While Winston and Lawson took some classes, I was asked to consider teaching other students. I first taught 2nd grade and later moved to 3rd grade. I am currently beginning my 9th year of affiliation with ACA; this is my 5th year as Head of School.

3. What are you enjoying most about being a part of ACA? 

Apart from being a wife, mother, and homemaker, this is the most incredible place I have ever “worked”. The like-mindedness of families, be they students or faculty, contributes mightily to my positive experience here at ACA. My favorite part of ACA work is getting to know students and families. My second favorite part is helping students succeed at a difficult task or challenge, whether it be learning to read more fluently, reciting a difficult passage, or competing well in a spelling bee.

4. What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author? 

I love being inspired to be “more”– more in touch with God, more attentive to needs around me, more aware of current events and how we have arrived at our current state of affairs. As a result I enjoy books that feed this hunger –biographies, histories, historical fiction, and “methods” of improvement (Biblical and otherwise). I am currently reading Devoted, by Tim Challies, a compilation of short biographies of Godly men and the influence their mothers had in their lives. My favorite author in general is Jane Austen. I had a “Jane Austen” summer several years ago when I read several of her books. By the end of the summer I found myself thinking with a British accent!

5. What is something the Lord is teaching you today?

Today the Lord is teaching me to trust Him fully with the future – my own and that of those around me (including you, as you read this). He knows. He cares. He’s in control!

Picture Proofs Coming Home

Picture proofs from school picture day will be coming home today! Attached is the order form to order your child’s headshots and a class photo. These will be due back to Mrs. Richburg on Thursday, November 1. So be sure to place your order soon!

Science Olympiad Meeting

There will be a meeting for all those in the 3rd-6th grade who are interested in Science Olympiad on Tuesday, October 30th immediately after school. Attending the meeting is not a commitment to participate and if you can’t attend, but are interested, email Mrs. Walker

Winter Camp

Flyers for Winter Camp went home today with the K-5th graders! Winter Camp will be Dec. 10-14 at the school from 8:00-2:30 and will be “Winter” themed. Spots are limited, so if you are interested bring the form and payment to Mrs. Nichols or
Mrs. Richburg!



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