The House System:  Working Out the Kinks

As with any new system or process, we have discovered rough edges in the ACA House System that need smoothing.  I have heard from students, parents, and teachers and we all agree that there are elements of the House System that are positive.  The house captains met with me yesterday and they all agreed that they enjoy having more people work together for community service.  They enjoy being a part of a team that includes students beyond their own grade, and they enjoy the competitiveness between the houses.

On the contrary, the house captains pointed out that they do not like the point structure of the community service and that they all want the students to contribute to their community in a selfless way in order to better honor God (and not simply participate in order to earn points).  The house captains also noted that they want to have teachers rescind the gift of a golden ticket (given to a student when a teacher catches a student doing good beyond what is generally expected) when the receiving student demonstrates any behavior other than humility and appreciation (as in football… “excessive celebration”).

Having heard from so many folks, please find below the House System update that goes into effect next Monday, October 15.  Mrs. Cox and I went to each house during their weekly meeting today to go over the details.  If you hear thoughts or concerns from your students that could continue to improve the system, please have them go to their house captain, to Mrs. Cox, or to me.  I am very thankful for the leadership that the four captains are showing!  THEY are truly “working out the kinks”!

House System Update* (10-11-18) Beginning October 15
1.  Points for Progress Reports given for 5 subjects:  Math, Latin, Chr St, Literature, Grammar/Logic (6th grade chooses either Grammar or Logic).
“A” receives 100 pts.
“B” receives 50 pts.
2. Students may earn 50 pts per week for turning in all assignments on time AND an additional 50 pts. per week for being respectful to their teachers.
3. Altruistic Autumn:  Community service shall be completed to honor God and for the good of the community.  No points will be awarded for community service for the rest of fall semester, 2018.  Houses are still encouraged to work on projects independently and together as a House.  (“Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31)
4. Students who attend a school spirit night receive 50 pts.
5. Golden Ticket receives 100 pts but can be taken away if student acts unbecomingly (bragging or boasting).  We want to see a spirit of humility in our students.
6. House competitions will be planned where points will be awarded based on the competition winners and on good sportsmanship.  These points are recorded once per House by the captain.
7. House winners will be determined by semester, and the winning House will keep the House trophy in their meeting room for the next semester.
*The above alterations and clarifications to the House System were made based on input from the four House Captains in a meeting with Mrs. Durbin on October 10, 2018.

Faculty Focus: Mrs. Karen Cox- Aide, House System

Tell us about yourself. Family? Hometown? Pets?
I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful husband, Clay, this past June.  We have two daughters, Cassidy (8) and Chloe (6).  Our other family member, Nugget, joined us this past summer from Orange Beach.  Talk about an expensive souvenir!  I grew up in Richmond Hill, GA and moved to this area after graduating Valdosta State University to work at Camp Marannook (located in LaFayette, AL).  During my third year serving at camp, I met Clay at a church event and the rest is history. We enjoy spending time together as a family and we do a lot of laughing– mainly because my husband is a comedian.  No, seriously, he travels to do comedy shows on the side.  We also enjoy worshiping together at Lakeview Baptist Church.  This past year we have been doing respite care for DHR and have enjoyed the opportunity to love on children who visit our home.

How did you come to learn about ACA and decide to work here?
We found out about ACA through friends whose children were attending.  Both of our girls benefited greatly by starting out their school years in ACA Kindergarten.  Last year the door opened up for me to work at ACA as an aide while both girls attended.

What are you enjoying most about being a part of ACA? 
It has been a fun challenge implementing a House System to our school.  I have enjoyed looking for enrichment activities that help foster good problem solving skills as well as encourage healthy competition. I like seeing how the groups have become more cohesive and comfortable with each other since the first time they met.

What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
I do love a good book, though I don’t read as much as I’d like these days. I loved reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and other Narnia books to our girls.  Brought back memories of sharing passages of it with teens I worked with at camp.  I love books by Elisabeth Elliot also.

What is something the Lord is teaching you today? 
This season I think He is teaching me about how His plans are best and how He is the great comforter.  Even in times of loss, His mercy and love are still great.  Even though we don’t know all His future plans for me and my family, I can trust Him.  I think He has reminded me how important it is to care for each other and build each other up by seeing how kind and thoughtful the body of Christ was to our family during a recent loss.

Long Sleeve Tshirt/ Sweatshirt Orders

We will be doing another long sleeve tshirt and sweatshirt order! Orders will be due October 31st. Make checks payable to ACA. Click on this link to get the order form:

Gymnastics Classes Restarting

FlipzKids has decided to offer another gymnastics class on Thursday afternoons at the school for children ages 5-9. Students can be new or returners. The cost is $85.00 for 6 weeks and will begin October 25. We have registration forms in the office if you are interested!

Afternoon Art Class

Due to the weather, Mrs. Goodenough’s afterschool art class will not begin until October 24th. If your child is still interested, you can make a check payable to Smart at Art for $90.00 and bring it to the office. Again, they are painting fall/winter themes and will be for 5 weeks on Wednesdays.


  • Don’t forget to order your yearbook! Order forms are due Tuesday, October 16th!
  • Lunch orders for November must be in by Monday, October 15th!
  • We will be out October 17-19 for Fall Break. Enjoy time with your family!


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