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When friends or family members ask me about our school, most of them have an understanding of a Christian education.  I long for them to know the philosophy of classical education as well, because it is from this perspective that our students are able to gain wisdom and knowledge. I specify that we are language intensive (we read, listen, write), history intensive (as opposed to “social studies”), and that we model the style of education practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. I add that we train our students to develop self-discipline in order to analyze and draw conclusions. From an academic perspective, we want our students to read, write, calculate, think, and understand.

Perhaps you, too, need resources to help you better understand classical education and to be able and ready to give an answer when you are asked about ACA.  An excellent thinker and author, Martin Cothran, has helped me express my understanding of classical education.  He is Director of the Classical Latin School Association and Editor of The Classical Teacher, a publication of Memoria Press.  I encourage you to read Mr. Cothran’s article, “What is Classical Education?” at the link below to help you be “ready to give an answer” when you need to!

Another thing I want to say is THANK YOU to everyone who came to our Sprit Night at Laredo on Monday! It was so good to see many of our students and families and because of your support, we earned an extra $125 for our school! We will be doing these Spirit Nights periodically throughout the year and we hope to see you and your family at each one.

Have a great weekend,

Robin Durbin

Faculty Focus: Mrs. Hannah Nichols, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Tell us about yourself. Family? Hometown? Pets?
I was born in Natchez, Mississippi.   I attended an amazing Catholic school, Cathedral, for 12 years.  After graduation, I attended Delta State University in Cleveland, MS, where I obtained two degrees . I lived in Cleveland and called the Delta home for 6 years; I married and moved to Auburn last fall.  I am married to an amazing Godly man, and we have one fur baby, Dak, a chocolate lab.  My parents, three younger brothers, and my grandparents all live in Natchez, MS.

How did you come to learn about ACA and decide to work here?
Social media has its benefits!  I learned about ACA when I connected with Jenni Hunt through a mutual friend on Facebook. After attending assembly and meeting with Robin Durbin, I felt at peace and encouraged for my future.

What are you enjoying most about being a part of ACA?
I enjoy the feeling of being a part of a large family; ACA is a true family.  Since I have lived in Auburn , the ACA family has helped lead my husband and me to finding a church home, multiple small groups, new friends, and so much more.

What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
Choosing a favorite book and author is a tough one.  I am currently reading “The  7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by  Stephen Covey.  I choose to read books for self-development and books to further my knowledge of early childhood development.

What is something the Lord is teaching you today?
The Lord is teaching me new things each day.  I feel His presence in teaching me to slow down and live in the moment.  I am such a planner and thrive on a strict schedule, but I am learning how much I am missing by not living in the moment.  I know this is His hand guiding me.

Logic School 4H Trip

Last week, our 4th through 6th grade students went to the 4H Center in Columbiana, AL. As you can see, fun was had by all! The 4th graders did a class called “What’s Bugging You?” to supplement their study of insects, while the 5th graders did “Friends of a Feather” to go along with their study of birds later this year. The highlights though, were a giant swing, archery, a raptor trek, and canoeing to help the students grow in team building.  These students enjoy being together and exploring and enjoying God’s creation!

Auburn Reads

Don’t forget Auburn READS Spirit Nights will be next week (the 25th-27th) at the Auburn Mall! This is a great way to encourage reading with your child, while also supporting our school. For every child or teacher that goes and turns in a voucher, our school will receive $1 towards its library. Vouchers will be sent home on Monday, the 24th in your child’s folder, so be looking for it. Pick which night of the week works for your family and have fun!

Hurricane Florence Supplies

Thank you to everyone who brought supplies to send to the victims of Hurricane Florence. We can’t imagine what they are going through, but having supplies to begin restoration will be helpful to them. Our school collected: 11 packs of latex gloves, 13 bottles of dish soap, 5 bottles of laundry detergent, 19 sponges, and much much more!

Chapel Speaker

This week we had Aaron Wine, Youth Pastor at Lakeview Baptist, speak at Chapel! Aaron has been teaching us different characteristics about God so that we all have a better understanding of who we were created to worship. This week Aaron taught us 2 characteristics about who God is. Ask your child tonight if they can remember what those characteristics are and what they mean! (Hint: The characteristics are “infinite” and “omnipresent.”)







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