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It has begun – learning and growing for the 2018-2019 school year.  Some students have transitioned to new teachers and subjects with little hesitation.  A few have run into a bump or two, but I am thankful to see that most of those students are settling in to their new “normal”.  Mrs. Roarke and I were talking earlier today about the additional responsibility for students that comes with every grade.  She took photos of the stacks of books on each grade’s desks just prior to Orientation last week.  As expected, the kindergarten stack was short, and the stacks grew incrementally with each grade.  As the grade increases, the stacks of books grow, so the work load grows.

We teachers very much want to be pro-active in helping students who may still feel unsettled a bit learn to bear the increased load that comes with a new year.  Please help us do that by letting your student’s teacher and me know particular areas of struggle for your student.  We want to do our part to help students have their best school year yet.  Chances are, if your student is struggling with an element in class, other students are, too.  Help us be aware of issues that we can potentially resolve with a bit to tweaking of the schedule or homework load.  We want to figure out a way to help all our students be successful while being challenged, and we can do that best when we know specific concerns.

On another note, I found the article at the link below that was quite encouraging to me in terms of our educational methods.  J. R. R. Tolkien’s education looks a lot like an ACA education.  I hope you will read it.

How to Replicate J.R.R. Tolkien’s Education for Your Child:

https://www.intellectualtakeout.org/article/how-replicate-jrr-tolkiens-education-your-child – via @intellectualTO

Enjoy your family time over the weekend.


Mrs. Durbin

Faculty Focus: Nicole Richburg

Tell us about yourself.  Family?  Hometown? Pets?

I am from Wetumpka, AL, but have been in Auburn since 2012. I graduated from Auburn University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and worked on staff with the College Ministry at FBC Opelika for the 2 years following that. My husband, Chase, and I were married on August 6, 2017 and we have a blue dragon-scale beta fish named Finley. Chase is still in school at AU working on his Master’s in Chemistry.

How did you come to learn about ACA and decide to work here?

Over the last few years, I had a few friends work at ACA (Ms. McNabb, Ms. Muller, and Ms. Sullivan) and I had heard great things about the school. I was nearing the end of my time on staff at FBCO, when I received a call from a friend asking if I would be interested in an administration job at ACA and I talked to Mrs. Durbin about 20 minutes later. A few weeks earlier, I had told my husband that my dream job for this next season would be an administration job with a school. The Lord is KIND to His children and gives His children good gifts, because after talking with Mrs. Durbin, I felt right at home at ACA and felt like this was the place the Lord wanted me to be for this next year!

What are you enjoying most about being a part of ACA?

One of my favorite things is how Jesus-centered everything is at ACA. Starting our day with praise and prayer to Him with our students is a sweet moment of rest and a moment to set our eyes on Jesus before we even begin our work. I have also been so thankful for how easy it has been to feel so welcomed, loved, and cared for here. I feel like I have been quickly accepted into the ACA family. Thank you for that!!

What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?

I recently finished the Chronicles of Narnia series and was blown away by how much it made me love the Lord so much more than I already did. Through reading, I understood more the great lengths to which He will go to save His people, the sovereignty that He holds, and the intensity combined with deep compassion that He has for His children to walk in holiness and obedience to Him. C.S. Lewis has such a unique and gifted way of combining descriptive and beautiful imagination with deeply rooted spiritual themes that enthralled me as I read. Another favorite of mine is Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It’s an allegory of a girl named “Much-Afraid” who asks the Great Shepherd to lead her to the High Places because she doesn’t want to live in the ‘Valley of Humiliation” anymore. He says He will take her there, but she must give Him her heart and it will be painful and difficult in ways. The book follows her journey to the High Places through mountains and valleys, often questioning the Great Shepherd, but when she reaches the High Places, the Great Shepherd gives her a new name.

What is something the Lord is teaching you today?

I feel like the Lord has been showing me so much over the last year or so stepping out of a full time ministry job, being in the first year of marriage, and trusting Him with things for the future. Through all of this, the Lord has shown me how faithful He is to guide me into every decision and every step of obedience He wants me to take even when I can’t see the very end. I sometimes think of it as a boardwalk. The Lord isn’t often going to show us where the boardwalk ends, but He will be faithful to light the street lamps as we go. When I follow Him and walk as far as I can see Him leading me (or as far as I can see in the light), then He is faithful to turn on the next streetlamp to light my path for the next few steps. And He is faithful to the end. He is the Father who guides His child IN JOY to the plans He has for her and walks with her every step of the way. What a joy it is and what peace it brings to be led by the Father and trust where He leads.

PE Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to help with PE this month, please fill out this link! This is such a fun way to get to know our children and teachers! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084da4ac2fabf49-acapevolunteers

Gymnastics Info Session

If your child is interested in doing Gymnastics after school, please feel free to come to a drop-in information session with Matt Bullard from FlipzKidz on Thursday, August 16th from 2-3pm in the Assembly Room. He will be there to show his equipment, talk through what the class may be like, and answer any questions you may have. Questions? Talk to Mrs. Durbin.

New Fundraiser Opportunity

We’ve got some exciting news. Auburn Classical Academy has been added to the Planet Fundraiser app, which means you can start earning cash for our school today!

Here are some things YOU can do immediately to start growing our campaign:

  • Search and load the appon your phone right now:  Planet Fundraiser
  • Invite 10 friendsto get the app using the ‘Invite Others to Join’ feature in the app. Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how: https://vimeo.com/276093024.
  • Copy and share the line below on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter:
    • Auburn Classical Academy is now on Planet Fundraiser! Download the app to support our campaign with your everyday purchases!  https://link-to.app/VZNwak
    • You will have to type in “Auburn Classical Academy” as your group to support.
  • Join the Auburn Classical Academy campaign on Planet Fundraiser just by sending a text?  Here’s how: 
    • From within the app
    • 1) Head over to ‘More’
    • 2) Select ‘Invite Others to Join’
    • 3) Text 10 friendsand watch your campaign grow right before your eyes!
    • Watch a Video Tutorial Here
  • Be sure to start using the app the next time you make a purchase – check the app for participating local restaurants and retailers!  To give you an idea, here are just a few:
    • Publix
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