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LSM is a gracious host to ACA. One of the requirements of our lease, and of us being gracious guests, is that we refrain from parking on the grass unless absolutely necessary.  Please use the gravel parking area, even during drop off or dismissal times.

Progress Reports

Mid-Second Semester Grade Reports will go home with students this afternoon. Please sign your student’s progress reports and return them to the ACA office next week. A copy of the signed report will be sent home for your records.  Please telephone your teachers directly if you have any questions concerning your student’s grades. They would be more than happy to answer your questions. (We think a telephone call rather than an email message would provide a better interchange if you have concerns.) You may also contact teachers if you would like to schedule a parent-teacher conference.

Grandparents’ Day

You and your family are invited to attend our annual Grandparents’ Day on Thursday, April 20th at 9:00 am.  This will be an opportunity for the students to showcase some of the material they have learned this year.  The event will be held in the Assembly Room.

Following the presentations, join us for a reception in the Lunch Room.  Students will be dismissed from school at noon, following the reception.  If you do not plan to attend this event, please make arrangements for your student to be picked up at noon.  Our desire is that a shortened day will allow family to enjoy extended time together.

We ask that students wear their best chapel attire for this event.  In light of this, chapel attire will not be required on Wednesday, April 19th.  Students will be allowed to wear their ACA T-Shirts on Wednesday in place of Thursday.

Thespian Thursday

Thursday, April 27th students have the option of attending school dressed as their favorite character from one of the books they have read this year as part of their class curriculum.  All attire should be tasteful and in keeping with ACA dress standards. Students that choose not to participate in Thespian Thursday may wear their usual ACA Thursday uniform.

Usborne Book Fair

April 26-27 we will be hosting an Usborne Book Fair in the Assembly Room. Students will have the opportunity to shop at a scheduled time with their class. Look for more details in the weeks leading up to the Book Fair.


With the arrival of warmer weather, students will spend more time out of doors. Students are welcome to wear hats, visors or sunglasses while they are outside for P.E. or recess. Also, if your student has fair skin, you may want to have her/him use sunscreen. Please ensure that your student’s personal belongings are labeled with his/her name.


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