ACA Column: March 2, 2017

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Open House

Our final Open House for the 2017/18 school year is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 7th, from 8 am until 11 am. Help us market our school to other great families.

Mrs. Durbin’s Musings

A Bump in the Road with a “Classical” Solution

A student came to me recently expressing that she was having trouble with her math facts.  She has always  been a strong student and able to determine a way to be successful…until now.  A little exploration revealed that this young lady was attempting to calculate each fact as it appeared on a timed exercise.  While our classical approach to math involves initial understanding of calculation, speed requires memorizing the facts.  Once I explained the difference in approaches to the student, she agreed to work on her math facts differently.  She began practicing with flashcards in the car.  Her goal was to complete a section of fact cards every time she got into the car to go somewhere – church, ball practice, store, etc.  A couple of weeks later, she reported great improvement in her timed math exercises.  This young lady is a prime example of evidence for using the memory capability unique to the grammar stage of brain development.  Her willingness to change her approach resulted not only in better scores, but also in greater confidence in her own abilities.

Krispy Kreme FUNdraiser

On Thursday, February 23rd your students were sent home with a Krispy Kreme FUNdraiser order form. Students have an entire month to sell Krispy Kreme Value Cards or Certificates to benefit our PLAYGROUND FUND! Order forms and payments are due to the ACA office no later than Thursday, March 23rd.  Contact Mrs. Bryant,,  if you need additional order forms.

Geography Bee

Join us in congratulating Brenden Bryant for placing in the top 100 semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2017 Alabama National Geographic State Bee. The contest will be held at Samford University on Friday, March 31, 2017.

Catered Lunches

If you would like to order catered lunches for your student, please fill out the April order form and return it to the ACA Office with payment for the month. Order forms and payment are due to the ACA office no later than Thursday, March 23rd.

BigHouse Swimsuit & Towel Drive

Since 2009, BigHouse has hosted a Swimsuit and Towel Drive to collect new swimsuits and new towels for children in foster care. They have each towel embroidered with the child’s name to make the gift extra special and uniquely their own. ACA will be collected donations through Thursday, March 9th.  Were each student to donate, 67 children in foster care in Lee County will benefit from your generosity! Visit to learn more about BigHouse.

Crazy Hair Day

While our first grade students are on their field trip next Thursday, March 9th, students on campus will have the option of participating in Crazy Hair day.  Students should wear their usual Thursday uniform and their wackiest, tackiest hair style.

Box Tops

Thank you for sending in your Box Tops. Together we raised $157 for ACA!

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